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Bio-Clean Testing & Monitoring




Cleaning Verification & Indoor Air Quality Monitoring for Healthcare and Hospitality Industries
We are a full service company who will assess the environment, define the problems and develop solutions. Our service includes an initial baseline inspection and testing to accurately assess the current level of air quality and cleanliness, results fron initial testing will become the base line to guage improvement or deterioration of overall cleaning & monitoring practices.
We use ATP Cleaning Verification as our preferred method for monitoring cleanliness on surfaces. ATP is an energy molecule found in all living cells that allows cellular metabolism to take place. All organic matter contains ATP, including blood, saliva, and bacteria. In the Healthcare and Hospitality Industries, organic matter such as bodily fluids, blood, and bacteria left on surfaces can become a point of cross contamination between occupant's and staff, leading to infections if not properly cleaned.
Therefore the detection of ATP on a surface after cleaning is an indication of improper cleaning. The use of ATP testing on high-touch areas provides an objective verification of cleanliness. 
  • Increase focus on overall cleanliness and indoor air quality
  • Employ environmentally conscious cleaning practices
  • Ensure consistently high levels of cleanliness and clean indoor air.
  • Prevent the spread of infection and disease
  • Maximize staff productivity

The data collected from ATP cleaning verification testing can be an invaluable tool for improving Healthcare and Hospitality cleanliness, validating cleaning processes, and motivating personnel to do the best job possible. By analyzing ATP results with SureTrend software, reports can quickly be generated that clearly illustrate trends, issues, and improvements. We provide detailed reports to team members and other departments to share successes and demonstrate that Infection Prevention and Environmental Services personnel are doing the best job possible. 

Bio-Clean Testing & Monitoring provides initial inspection, remediation support services and final clearance testing using ATP Cleaning Verification and VOC (volatile organic compound) testing.Third party independent clearance testing ensures there is no conflict of interest between existing services. Initial assessmment and testing will determine the extent of environmental hazards including pathogens, mold, lead and odors associated with off-gassing. We provide detailed written reports including remediation protocol. All properties built before 1978 require lead testing prior to renovations. 
When facing the death of a loved one, people often forget that there can still be dangers associated with the scene. Pathogens and diseases can be transmitted through the fluids present at the scene of a death. Once bio-hazard clean-up has been performed Bio-Clean Testing & Monitoring will provide clearance testing to ensure that previous odors , fluids and bacteria have been entirely removed and the indoor environment is safe for others to re-occupy. Documented certification of a "clean scene" is valuable when handling upcoming real estate transactions associated with the property. ATP and VOC testing provides our customers with peace of mind knowing previously contaminated surfaces meet sanitization requirements. We provide detailed reports and a clearance certificate once it is determined that no trace of contamination remains.

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