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Allergen Testing

Sensitivity to indoor allergens has caused innumerable health problems to millions of people worldwide. In the US, more than 50 million Americans suffer from hay fever, asthma, and other allergic diseases mainly caused by exposure to allergens in indoor environments such as the home, school and work place. Some sources of indoor allergens include: dust, pets (dogs, cats), pests (dust mites, cockroaches, rats, mice), and mold spores. Chemical exposure from cleaning and personal care products are also triggers for allergies and asthma. To ensure that a home is not causing discomforting allergens for your your family, call the leading experts in allergen home testing, Healthy Home Environmental Services in Orlando, FL at (407) 273-9387. We offer friendly customer support, and detailed reports for several different allergens in the home.
Why is this important?
If you or a family member suffers from allergies, an allergen screening will determine what types of allergens are causing you or your family to get sick. Reducing exposure to indoor allergens is important in order to reduce the frequency and severity of allergy and asthmatic attacks and to reduce the chances of developing asthma and allergic reactions in susceptible individuals.
Dust mites are very common in every household as they prefer warm, moist surroundings, and thrive in beddings and in floor dust when humidity is high. Cockroach allergens come from several sources such as saliva, fecal material, secretions, cast skins, and dead bodies. To reduce exposure to cockroach allergens make sure to seal non-refrigerated items in plastic containers or sealable bags, and make sure you keep a secure lid on your trash can if food is stored.
Cat allergens are very sticky and can be found in high levels on walls and other surfaces within homes, whereas, dog allergens are prompted by skin shedding.
In order to determine what types of allergens you are being exposed to a simple allergen screening can be done by extracting a carpet sample or by collecting a bulk dust sample from your home. Healthy Home in Orlando, FL offers a wide range of allergen testing services for you home.
If you suspect that you may be suffering from allergies, allergen testing can not only determine which allergens are causing you discomfort, but can also aid in the treatment of allergies.